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Uninstall Analysis Uninstall

First time user experience

Understand and improve your FTUE to boost your overall retention rates,
and learn how to wow your users with your app.

Learnability, quantified.

Measure the FTUE of users and benchmark the scores against your app's previous versions and also against the other apps in your vertical. Get to know the "Learnability Factor" of your app that indicates your user activation. Quantify the chance your first time users give you before they uninstall with the "Uninstall threshold".

FTUE playground

Understand the problems faced by your new users and their direct impact on user retention or Day 0 uninstalls. Keep tabs on the paths taken by these users and get to know your most productive paths and the paths that users tend to avoid. Highlight the paths that were least used yet fared high on user retention.

Guided Messages

Understand the issues faced by your uninstalled users and expertly guide them towards more productive paths in your app using in app messages. Handling usability problems is a lot more effective by targeting only the specific users facing such issues and pushing the message that works for them.


Taking the right business decisions is now much faster with Apxor's Insight Builder. Answer tough questions
and be in the known about all aspects that drive the success of your app.

Best in class Qualitative Analysis

Access a highly refined user interaction stream that differentiates between all subtle microinteractions done by your user and lets you assess your user in a whole new light. Observing patterns and questioning user behaviour and intent are as simple as this.

Validate Quantitatively

Proceed to validate the assumptions and answer hard hitting questions backed by numbers. Work with the insight builder to dig up hard to find insights that put all your doubts to rest and hand actionable insights that drive success.

Improve performance and usability

At a glance get to know your app’s performance, health, stability and usability
A multi perspective analysis that helps you understand how your app is doing at any point of time and gives more context into the user’s experience.

App performace analysis

Get to know the overall resource consumption of Memory, CPU, Disk, Battery, Network and benchmark them against your previous versions and the other apps in your vertical.

Performance hotspots

Improve performance of app by focusing on top issues that are resulting in user churn. Get all the details to understand the issue and fix the issue.

Uninstall Analysis and Retargeting

Get to the core of user churn, Retarget right and improve reinstalls.

Uninstall Analytics

Keep track of these trends, day wise or version by version, to help you make the most impactful changes to your app to be able to counter them. Cut through all the guesswork and quickly arrive at the right reasons for uninstallation. Get the uninstalled user segment and their exact reason for uninstallation.

Uninstall Retargeting

Each uninstalled user segment is equipped with the contact details of uninstalled users and the right retargeting message personalised for them. Choose from different auto/custom templates and communicate the right message using your preferred method.

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