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Analysis Reports

Real Time Probes


Qualitative Analysis

Analysis Reports

Taking the right business decisions is now faster and easier.

Ready to act insights.

You don't have to break a sweat crunching data and working with graphs and metrics to solve your product problems. Apxor's Analysis Reports equip you with all you need to take the right product decisions effortlessly.

Hard hitting reports

Be on top of all aspects of your product's growth with reports that enable further analysis and actions. Apxor's rich reports are powerful and cut across multiple dimensions to help you undertand what user behaviours cause stickiness and form habits while what behaviours users should stay away from exhibiting.

Real time probes

Looking into user journeys is easier than ever with powerful probes that can be configured in real time.

Zoom into user journeys

Access a highly refined user interaction stream that differentiates between all subtle microinteractions done by your user and lets you assess your user in a whole new light. Observing patterns and questioning user behaviour and intent are as simple as this.

Validate Quantitatively

Proceed to validate the assumptions and answer hard hitting questions backed by numbers. Simply create an analysis report in seconds to dig up actionable insights that cannot be found elsewhere.


Power richer user experiences, on the fly

Context first actions

Nudging a user is more than just messaging him. It is the vital push you can give a user to achieve your goals. Be it getting activated in the app, discovering a new feature, converting in the funnel or get help right when he needs it.

Context is key

While simple actions can be easily coded into the app, nudging a user based on his intent in a certain context can only be done by understanding him in real time and quickly acting on it. Apxor's nudges do just that and more.

Qualitative Analysis

Put the user first with contextual feedbacks and serveys.

Hearing what users say

Empowered with all the information about a user's context, get feedback from him that you can actually put to use. Get to know whe users are most likely to respond and seek information from the source whose opinions matter the most all in one place.

Survey your way to success

Use surveys are simple to put together in ART. Yet they are highly configurable and contextual. Get high quality inputs from specific users without any stress.

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