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Get Actionable

Be it with your analytics tool or simply your gut feeling, build Actionable Insights.

Use Apxor’s correlations to pinpoint insights that have a high impact on your KPIs.

Reports that empower with insights and help you take better product decisions, faster.
Context that enables
Getting to an action plan from an insight is an iterative process. Apxor’s real time probes let you hypothesise and find the right opportunities to focus on.

Identify user intent by understanding a user’s context using interaction patterns, app performance, time spent, paths travelled and their engagement zones within the app. Equipped with this context, go ahead and act in real time.
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Analyze and Act

in Real-Time
Equipped with powerful insights that are now enriched with context, nudge specific users based on their intent and enhance their app experience.

Act in real time with a timely walkthrough for a particular segment, remote configs, flow changes or a well executed in-app message for phenomenal success.
Loved by our customers
Apxor team works as if they own the product; they respond to all of our support requests within minutes. Their products give holistic insights on full user experience life cycle starting from D0 to app uninstall across various dimensions. The people behind Apxor engine are at the top of their gears; no hype; no bullshit, just pure tech.
Apxor offered us the timely insights into the behavior of Riyaz users. The extraordinary team behind it is brisk and agile, responding to all our needs. Our experience has been as if Apxor is a natural extension to our in-house team, can not ask for more! We definitely found our long-term analytics partner whom we can trust.
We integrated Apxor in the early stage and they have consistently rolled out the right insights that helped us iterate our product quicker. We highly appreciate the critical insights they provide and have made them an integral part of our mobile strategy.
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